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We are a lifestyle brand whose sole aim is to help women achieve a tightly-curated life while finding their passion paths and gaining financial freedom. We seek out experts and find the best advice on wellness, style, life, food, beauty, and travel to help women create and live their best lives. We also offer an array of products that not only align with our core values but are budget-friendly. DORCAS-GISELE is grounded in our six truths:

  1. Living a wellness-centered lifestyle is not exclusive to the wealthy.
  2. A well-edited, stylish wardrobe and home are accessible to everyone.
  3. Finding your life’s passion and gaining financial freedom is a personal revolution.
  4. Your health is truly your wealth.
  5. Achieving outer beauty is an inside job.
  6. Traveling is a personal experience that can be done at your own pace and budget.

DORCAS-GISELE’s founder, Melanie Lyke, set out to combine her passions for designing and teaching home economics to create her own distinctive path. In her previous professional lives, she found herself exchanging style advice and invaluable information with women from all walks of life and quickly realized a common thread; The constant strive to create a healthy, well-balanced, and stylish life for themselves and their families- all while keeping their coins and investing in their futures. Her lifelong dream of launching an affordable lifestyle brand and her passion for living a wellness-centered life gave birth to DORCAS-GISELE.