5 Products For A Healthy Punpun

Yoni (Sanskrit — योनि ): womb; sacred space; vagina; the symbol of the goddess Shakti.

Your yoni is your center for creation — literally and figuratively. Literally, it is the space in which you birth new life, and figuratively, it is the space in which your momentum for creative expression is sheltered, churned and lit up for radiant inspiration and spontaneous creation. If you are a woman, you are so blessed to be able to house these magical powers.

Your yoni is a dynamic system — an entire unique universe of its own. The vagina has its own pH, microbiome, ecosystem, and inherent safeguards to maintain a healthy equilibrium of the aforementioned, despite being susceptible to unfathomable amounts of daily invaders that can throw it out of whack. The health of your yoni is altered by stress, diet,  what (and who) you allow to be put on (and in) it and fluctuating hormones. Mother Nature did not intend for your vagina to have visitors whose presence leaves you overly stimulated or sick.

So, what does a healthy yoni feel like? On a very spiritual level, a healthy yoni should have you feeling inspired, sexy and connected to Divine Love from a very rooted, grounded place. On a very physical level, a healthy yoni should have you feeling juicy all over, energized from underneath and smelling rather delicious (almost fruity). A healthy yoni should also take your whole body through a monthly moon cycle of balanced hormones, clean discharge, and un-clotted, un-painful bleeding. Your yoni is intelligently designed to handle outside destructive influence. All that you have to do is show her some holistic daily care.  

I made it a goal in my 35th year to take better care of myself- spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially. While exploring different aspects of self-care, I've yet to dive into the world of yoni health. I understand the physical and spiritual benefits but just haven't taken the steps outside of changing my hygienic routine. I've seen a few products over the years, but honestly, wanted to try them for very different reasons. I now want to heal my yoni for ME; to remove stagnant energy and detox a place in my body I didn't always hold sacred. Like any health journey, yoni health is less about a quick fix and more about a mind-shift and lifestyle changes. Here are a few products I plan to use to help me along my journey: 


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