DIY Summer Glow Oil

About 15 years ago, while working a college job as a makeup artist at Sephora, I remember trying NARS' Body Glow oil and absolutely falling in love with it. It smelled amazing and that was the very first time I'd seen any beauty product made with coconut oil. I remember thinking, "hmmm, I've heard of cocoa butter but never coconut oil- I bet that's really expensive." I instantly wanted to make it myself but never really thought I could find all of the ingredients. Fast forward to today and the internet is full of easily-accessible, raw ingredients and the options of DIY beauty products you can make are limitless.

When I finally made my own body glow oil, inspired by the release of Fenty's Body Lava, I found that it was ridiculously easy and kicked myself for not making it sooner. I used products I had in my arsenal for years that I wasn't even using. I previously had liquid coconut oil and Revlon's Skinlight- which has since been discontinued- for the loose shimmer. I tried making glow oil a few years ago with a cream bronzer, and while it worked fine, it didn't have the right consistency and the cream never quite broke down in the oil the way I thought it would. The second time, I found that the loose shimmer powder was the magic ingredient. Using a few different colors of shimmer varying from red, brown, and golden tones also help to add dimension to the glow. 

Here's the super-simple recipe I came up with that's been keeping me glowing all summer. 


  • 10 oz of liquid coconut oil
  • 2+ tbs of various loose bronzer and/or shimmer powder (L.A. Colors loose eyeshadow found at Dollar Tree works well, too.)
  • a few drops of any essential oil (I personally used oud oil but ylang-ylang, orchid, or primrose are beautiful, too.) 


  • Pour all ingredients in a pump or dropper bottle using a funnel. 
  • Shake well (and remember to shake well before each use.)
  • Glow from head to toe. 

Easy, right? I hope you enjoy!


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